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As with many businesses, we're facing some challenges in regard to keeping our business going within the context of containing the spread of the Covid 19 virus.

You may have heard that in response to the events of the past month, we're cancelling our April Book Liquidation Sale. 

Also, as of 2.30.2020 a Stay at Home Order will be in force for Greene County Missouri and is already in force in many places in our country. So we won't be able to have our business open to the public or to any Book Club Members. This news has caused distress for some of our customers and Book Club Members (whom we are contacting about some options for them to consider during this time.)

So we'd like to introduce one solution to this obstacle.

We are bringing back our Box of Books for children and adults.
Here's how this works: You choose the genres which interest you, and our bookworms pick out used books, in great condition, lovingly package them, and send them out to you. For $16.99, you'll receive 3 Adult or Young Adult books in your home. If you prefer, we also have the option of ordering 6 Children's Books for $16.99.

Why do we have so many books to sell at such low prices?

Well… We’ve been buying and selling books online since 2016, but in the Spring of 2019, we started buying books by the truckload to sell online. We found a huge amount of books that were in great shape which we couldn’t sell online profitably.
What to do?

That’s when we started having monthly liquidation sales, to sell books to people for a dollar each, rather than sending them out to be recycled.

One weekend a month since June 2019, we’ve cleared out our warehouse, set up tables, opened up to the public, and sold our used books for a dollar each (everyone who came to see us also got a free book.)

We hope to resume Monthly Book Liquidation Sales (open to the public at a dollar per book.) when Social Distancing and Stay at Home Orders Cease, in other words, when it's safe to do so.  
In January of 2020, we created a new thing: The Swell Swap Book Club, but for right now that is also on hold. 

With the Stay at Home Order for 30 days, beginning March 29,2020, we are not currently taking new members and I'm disabling the links on this page until that changes. 

Members of the Swell Swap Book Club will be able to come and shop any time we’re in the warehouse, when we're able to resume the following:

From Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 5:00 each week (or Saturday by appointment), our members are able come in and browse the books on our shiny new bookshelves.

For $15 a month members can take home up to 25 books a month, and for $30 a month, members are able to take up to 50 books home a month. If members want more books, they can buy more for one dollar per book. We also have an option of $10 for 5 books, still so much cheaper than almost anything else you can find out there! 

As I said, right now that's on hold. We'll do an update at the end of April 2020.
What do we have for sale? 

We have all kinds of books, including children's books, novels, religious books, fiction, nonfiction, cookbooks, and books that work especially well for teachers or home-educators. That’s not to mention the DVDs, Vinyl Records, CDs, and VHS tapes.
We’re located at 208 East Valley View Drive, Walnut Grove, Missouri 65770.

We’re about 30 minutes from anywhere in Springfield, MO Area or Bolivar, just North of Willard on Highway 123. 

We’re just south of Stockton Lake and about an hour from Joplin, Missouri.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about our business. Message me and introduce yourself; ask me any questions you may have. I hope to see you here someday!

All the Best!
Jenette Clay
Swell Swap Books
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