Would You love To Have Some Books Sent to you?
Three used books delivered to you for just $16.99!
  • 3 great used novels delivered to your mailbox! Chose your favorite kinds of books on the order form below! 
  • A $30 Value for only $16.99!
Why order a book box? It's a crazy time right now! If you love to read, then you want to always have fresh material on hand. Suddenly, going to the bookstore is more challenging. How about we send books to you! Our bookworms will pick three used books from your genre selections and ship them to you via USPS. 

These are USED books. They are in GOOD condition. Some may be ex-library books or have a name written on the cover or page edges. Our bookworms are picky, and they don't send out stuff they would be embarrassed to send to Grandma Bookworm. 

Use a separate shipping and billing address on the order form if you want to send books to someone else! What a great gift idea to encourage someone! 

This is a ONE TIME purchase. 
If you would like another box for someone else, you can use the link again, or come back later to order more books for yourself. 

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$16.99 For Three Books
$29.99 One Time Payment

The Big Box 'O Books - Just $29.99 & FREE Shipping: OK, so you are obsessed with books or maybe someone you know doesn’t have a social life because they read ALL THE TIME. Those are the kinds of people we love because they don’t bother anybody. If that’s you, or if you would like to get the attention of your favorite bookworm, you can get the BIG BOX ‘O BOOKS. It’s approximately 16 pounds of literary bingeing, (around 12 books) from your favorite genres. That's a $120 value! Give them as gifts or hog them for yourself. Either way, enjoy!

Item amount
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